PATTERN & Posy is a brand of handmade, block printed products by surface pattern designer and printmaker Carrie Narducci (that's me). I design and print all of my products and sew many of them.

Each design starts out with an idea or mental visual image. I then research, take photos and make lots of sketches. Eventually I land on the right combination of drawings and transfer to a block made of an eco-friendly material. A relief print is then made on the fabric.

I also have a passion for sewing and found the perfect combination of printing and sewing with making my own tea towels and napkin sets. The concept of creating unique and visually pleasing items that are also useful is what I strive for in my art. Living in an urban setting with limited space has taught me the importance of combining these things in my own home and I hope to create something that fills this need in the homes of others and their friends and family.

Creating products that are eco-friendly and USA made is very important to me. I purchase fabric, ink and other materials that are made in the USA and are friendly to the environment whenever possible.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop!